The Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme

Suyin Chia
August 3, 2023
5 min read

The Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme(ARRS) is a funding initiative introduced by NHS England to support the recruitment of additional staff in primary care settings. The scheme provides financial support to practices that employ additional healthcare professionals, such as clinical pharmacists, social prescribers, physician associates, and paramedics.

This is aimed at reducing workload pressures on GPs and other primary care staff, while improving patient access to a wider range of healthcare services.

The ARRS covers 100% of the salary costs of additional staff members, up to a maximum amount per role. This means that practices can hire staff without incurring additional salary costs, allowing them to provide more comprehensive care to their patients. The scheme is intended to help practices develop new ways of working and deliver more efficient and effective care, as part of a wider effort to transform primary care and provide more integrated, patient-centered care across different settings.

The ARRS roles are categorized according to the following:

1) Allied Healthcare Professionals

  • Dietitians
  • Occupational Therapists
  • First Contact Physiotherapists
  • Podiatrists
  • First Contact Community Paramedics

2) Personalised Care

  • Care Co-Ordinators
  • Health & Well-being Coaches
  • Social Prescribing Link Workers

3) Pharmacy

  • Clinical pharmacists
  • Pharmacy Technicians

4) Nursing Support

  • Nursing Associates
  • Trainee Nursing Associate
  • Advanced Nurse Practitioner

5) Mental Health

  • Mental Health Practitioner

6) Digital & Transformation

  • Digital & Transformation Lead

The ARRS has been successful in attracting new staff to primary care roles, and in providing additional support for existing staff.

In addition to providing financial support for the recruitment of additional staff, the ARRS also provides training and development opportunities for staff members, allowing them to enhance their skills and knowledge in specific areas of primary care. This can lead to improved job satisfaction and retention rates for staff, and better quality care for patients.

The ARRS is an important part of the NHS's efforts to transform primary care and improve patient outcomes. By providing financial support for the recruitment of additional staff and the development of new ways of working, the scheme is helping to create a more sustainable and resilient primary care system, capable of meeting the evolving needs of patients and communities.

Suyin Chia
Chief Operating Officer, Primary Care Dietitians